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What We Don't Know

The police were there with an arrest warrent for another man (verified in Charlotte Observer article)

The police stated that Scott exited vehicle with firearm, got back in vehicle when they approached, and exited vehicle again with firearm, posing immediate deadly threat

Did Scott have a book or a gun?

Keith Scott, 43, shot 4 times outside of The Village at College Downs apartments; he was in a vehicle and told to exit the car

POLICE: Said they told Keitch Scott to exit the car without the weapon and he didn't do so

If there was a gun, was it in a pocket or at the ready posing an immediate deadly threat

FAMILY: Scott was carrying a book while waiting for his son to be dropped off by a school bus

FAMILY: Scott was disabled

How Scott was disabled (mentally, physcially, etc.)

NEIGHBORHOOD RESIDENTS: Scott was unarmed when he was shot.

CMPD Statement: "Officers immediately requested Medic and began performing CPR." -- CMPD statement

WITNESSES: No one had tried to administered CPR for Scott (source: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/09/22/us/keith-scott-charlotte-police-shooting.html)

There is a photo of a gun at the crime scene

POLICE CHIEF: “I can tell you we did not find a book that has been referenced to. We did find a weapon. The weapon was there and witnesses have corroborated it, beyond just the officers.”

Was it actually Scott's gun?

CIVILIAN: "Man was in his truck, reading a book waiting for his kid to come home. Cops shot him, for nothing."

Did Scott own a gun? If he did, did he have a license?

What We Know

Officer Brentley Vinson undercover at the time, and was wearing plain clothing.

What Was Said

POLICE CHIEF: Officer Vinson was wearing plain clothes, a police vest, and was accompanied by uniformed officers when they approached

What We Don't Know

If it was overwhelmingly obvious that he was a police officer

Officer Vinson is African-American

FAMILY: Officer Vinson was undercover and wearing plain clothes

Brentley Vinson (officer) has been with CMPD since July 21. 2014

CHARLOTTE MAYOR: Mayor said Brentley Vinson, the officer involved in the shooting, is on paid administered leave

What, if any, charges is Officer Vinson facing?

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There was dashcam footage of the shooting

POLICE: Police will not release bodycam and dashcam videos to the public but are showing them to the family

What happened in the dashcam footage?

Vinson was also not wearing a body cam; against standard NC protocol

POLICE CHIEF: Videos do not show definitive evidence of Scott pointing a gun

How is the law about the dashcam footage fitting into this case?

Three officers that were in uniform were also wearing bodycams

POLICE CHIEF: Said dashcam footage will not be released to the public- Law signed by McCrory on July 1 denying public access to police cam without a judge's order (could link to his quote on this: said he would only release it "if there's a compelling reason." He added that a possible federal investigation could hinder putting it out. "If you say we should release a victim's worst day for public consumption, that is not the transparency I'm speaking of," Putney said.

Will police release dashcam footage BEFORE law comes into place Oct 1?

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Lyric Scott (daughter) immediately begins streaming video to Facebook Live that her dad was shot.

LYRIC: "My dad was reading a fucking book" "They shot my dad" "My daddy is dead" "Don't plant that gun. That's that shit y'all do"

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TUESDAY 5PM: 100 protesters arrive at site of shooting 66 minutes after shooting. A crowd forms in University City Area and Civil Emergency Unit is brought in to "safely remove our offeicers from the area"

MAYOR OF CHARLOTTE: Mayor Jennifer Roberts makes a cry for peace and calm, and calls for answers/facts

Crowd takes to the streets, do not disperse and police respond with tear gas canisters. Tear gas is used again after protests turn violent

POLICE REPORT: Multiple people were throwing things at officers and damaging police vehicles

Protests became violent: Protesters moved to I-85, threw rocks, started fire on highway with items from a truck

Police arrive in riot gear Wednesday (2:30 AM) after crowd moves, impeding traffic.

WEDNESDAY (afternoon): UNC-Charlotte students gather in Student Union to conduct "lie-in" protest

WEDNESDAY (night): Prayer vigil turns violent, protest march downtown chanting "Black Lives Matter." Police initially do not react

WED NIGHT (cont). Protests downtown soon become violent, riot errupts near hotel and tear gas is released.

POLICE : Chief Kerr Putney predicts protests will continue and says the department will be ready

How long will protests last?

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Wed 9:10 PM Injured person reported with gun-shot wound and life threatening injuries

The City of Charlotte retracts statement on Twitter that man with gun wound had died; says later that he was on "life-support."

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McCrory declared state of emergency late Wednesday night and says he is sending National Guard to Charlotte

"I have declared a State of Emergency & initiated efforts to deploy the Nat'l Guard & Highway Patrol to assist local law enforcement in CLT," -- Tweet, Pat McCrory

When will the national guard step in? How many troops will be there?

NC National Guard arrives in Charlotte early Thursday morning, by 8 a.m. some Nat'l Guard Armories left the Charlotte armory

"We cannot tolerate violence or tolerate the destruction of property and will not tolerate the attacks towards our police officers occurring right now and I feel very strongly about that right now. This is not the American Way." - McCrory